Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Should I Attend a Modeling Seminar?


The modeling industry is filled with tens of thousands of young men and women each year that are trying to just get in. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of them ever get passed taking a bunch of photos. Many of whom have real potential, but fall short for one reason.
Bad or “no” proper direction.

Other avenues and potential pitfalls that models take with no or very little success:
  • Traveling Model conventions
  • Joining online websites promising direct access to agency jobs
  • Franchise Modeling schools.
  • Finding Photographers pretending to be the expert
Many others get in the door by finding representation (an agent), but still find that they are not going very far or working consistently enough.

Many of the reasons for this can be avoided. Those who are serious enough to take the time to get the proper direction (before they move) have an 90% better chance of being successful. 


  • Are you an aspiring Model?
  • Are you looking for the right formula for getting into this industry the right way? 
  • Get expert advice on how to improve your look. 
  • Get expert advice on what industry type model you are.
If you want to know how to correctly enter this industry along with vital knowledge of:
     *how to effectively construct your portfolio/zeds cards
     *how does industry pay and how much should you ask for
     *get a professional evaluation and speak with an industry agent and manager

Also, Get information on our:
  • Model Management
  • Different Types of models and divisions
  • Upcoming Fashion Show in Paris (would you like to participate?)
  • Fashion Runway Teams
  • Agency Bookings
  • Upcoming modeling events
If you ask the average person, “So, how did you become a model?” Most people can only give you some vague suggestion. Take pictures, network, right place/right time are a few.

We are conducting ongoing seminars on the Modeling Industry. Hosted by X European Fashion Model and Nationwide model coach “Sebastian”.

If you are interested, Email us back and we will contact you on date, location, and time. This is an awesome opportunity!!

In the meantime, you can find out more about our company, Sebastian Fashion Model Management.